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I carry the tools and try to keep enough supplies on hand to repair most broken parts while I’m there. Some problems can be addressed with a simple adjustment at no extra cost. More involved issues that require more time can be done at a very reasonable charge.

Action Regulation:

So what is Action Regulation? Well, the mechanical inner workings of the piano is called the Action. And Regulation is the adjusting of all these parts to affect the “touch” of the piano, or the way the piano “feels” to you when you play it. When you press down the keys do you feel the “control” or the “sensitivity” your piano once had? Does it allow you to play with the same “expressiveness?”

That’s what Action Regulation is all about. It’s about making the adjustments to improve your enjoyment when you play, and it’s my job to recommend which adjustments will make the biggest difference with the least expense.



What is Voicing? Voicing has to do with the “tone” or perhaps the “color” your piano has when you strike a note. You see, over time the strings can cut deep grooves in the hammers. The hammers lose their shape and can develop a hard surface or “calluses” if you will. Have you noticed your piano taking on a more “bright” sound or even a “harsh” sound when you play a note?

In a nutshell, Voicing is exposing more of the new and fresh felt in the hammer, making it the right shape, and then conditioning the texture of the felt right where it hits the string. Voicing is an art, but if it’s done right, it’s like a miracle. Your piano gets back its “singing voice”… soft, but clear like a bell… beautiful… just beautiful.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

I offer every one of my clients this Peace-of-Mind Guarantee that after all I do to meet your needs and make things right, and you’re still not happy, then you will not be charged for the service.



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